A Threauxback to the Great PresHall Bands of the 90s

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Preservation Hall, 726 St Peter Street, New Orleans, LA

I'm excited to be joining Calvin Johnson and Native Son at Prez Hall!

When we think of the Preservation Hall bands of years past, we of course bring to mind Sweet Emma, Billie & De De, George Lewis, and the dozens of other greats that graced the stage here from the 60s thru the 80s. However, some of todays artists' first fond memories of the Hall include luminaries of a more recent time.

"Being a child and growing up in the 90s New Orleans music scene, my Uncle Ralph Johnson and the other heavy hitters he played at the Hall with were like superheroes to me and my friends," says resident saxophonist Calvin Johnson.

Join Calvin and Native Son as they honor their immediate predecessors - Ralph Johnson, John Brunious, Bob French, and more on April 15 here at the Hall.








For more on Calvin Johnson: calvinjohnsonmusic.com